Hire a professional DJ

Who is a professional DJ?

Its a full-time job. They don’t have any other work other than being fully immersed in music and the professional entertainment world. It is not a normal monday thru friday (9 to 5).

DJ-ing isn’t just a weekend job either. Its marketing, promotions, investment in music and equipment, networking and everything else that goes into making a successful business.

Professional DJ: Is someone who arrives on time, or early. Dresses appropriate to the occasion.

Professional DJ: treats clients with dignity and respect, and also expects the same in return.

Professional DJ: Knows how to spin ALL forms of music. Not just house, or hip hop – but also funk, disco, country, latin. A professional DJ will study a musical form before spinning it at an event. We normally have that additional time between jobs to learn about new genres of music, and sometimes go back and re-educate ourselves on some of the classical forms too.

Professional DJ: Knows when to get on a mic, and when NOT to be on the mic.

Professional DJ: Understands the changes in technology.

Professional DJ: Teaches others about music.

Professional DJ: Has been working full time as a DJ for more than 8 years. With an average of 200 events per year.

If you choose to hire someone without qualifications, ask yourself this:

“Would you hire a friend to be your dentist – if that person wasn’t fully qualified?” Why would you hire an unqualified person to DJ your party?

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