DJ vs turntablist

On my drive to my gig I was in deep thought about the difference between a dj and turntablist. They are very different and distinct.

A turntablist I someone who practices a set and uses that same practiced set at a job. Z-trip and Dj AM are turntablists. You will most likely hear the same sat everyone they spin (with slight variations). A dj is different.

A DJ is typically spontaneous. A great DJ will normally readable crowd from song to song. Selecting the next proper song after reactions from the crowd. There is an air of uncertainty when Spinning in this fashion. It can make deejaying more fun.

Keep in mind when hiring a DJ, ask them u they are turntablists. If they answer yes, they’re most likely not a practical DJ.

2 thoughts on “DJ vs turntablist

  1. A turntablist is simply a DJ that uses the turntables and mixer as an instrument through scratching, beat juggling and various other techniques. I use turntablist techniques when I DJ but I’m still a DJ that feeds off of the crowd when I spin and I also use vinyl turntables. Your comparison of DJ vs Turntablist is not very accurate. Most Turntablists only have a prepared set for a performance or a DJ battle, such as DMC or ITF battles, and people come to see what interesting live remixes these DJs have taken time to prepare. However if you found them in a club they would be playing to the crowd like any other DJ. Yes they may even include a remix of a song that they have taken time to prepare and practice at home but they generally slip it into the mix so it doesn’t disrupt the party. Also, your comment about turntablists being impractical is also a very ignorant statement because it can be applied to any “DJ” that uses any medium by which to play music, be it a laptop, CDJs, a controller, or whatever. There are a lot of DJs out there that are very impractical about their music selection when playing to a crowd. I have seen it first hand when “DJs” don’t listen to their audience and simply play what they want to hear and not what the crowd is into. I can promise you that they were not Turntablists either!

  2. Simple,

    You made my point for me. Much appreciated. Turntablists usually spin short sets 10-20 minutes, 60 minutes tops.
    Now that its been 4 years since your reply I can say with ALL DELIBERATE FACT, turntablists use playlists. Can you name a turntablist who scratches over (and juggles beats) every song during a 4 or 6 hour sets? You can not. If you can name that person, I would like to meet him/her, watch their full set. I would also like to video record that set and crowd. That would be a unique act.

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