Upcoming events August 2016

Come hang out with me:

Fri Aug 5th – W Hollywood. 9pm @ Station
Fri Aug 12th – W Hollywood. 1pm @ Wet Pool
Fri Aug 12th – W Hollywood, 9pm @ Station
Sat Aug 13th – Macy’s special event 2pm
Sat Aug 13th – W Hollywood. 9pm @ Station
Sun Aug 14th – Pending reception
Fri Aug 19th – W Hollywood. 9pm @ Station
Sat Aug 20th – Macy’s special event 2pm
Thu Aug 25th – Private event Hollywood
Fri Aug 26th – W Hollywood. 1pm @ Wet top Pool
Sat Aug 27th – W Hollywood. 9pm @ Station

available for booking via http://www.djcrash.com

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